Is it strange

that after all this time

i remember the way your smile

gently coaxed your dimples

out of hiding

is it strange

that after all this time

i remember the way your jaw moves

as you quietly chew your food

is it strange

that after all this time

i remember your favorite color is cyan

which people often mistake for light blue

is it strange

that I’m still holding on to memories

even though it feels like

holding on to burning wood

is it strange

that when someone asked me

if i knew you

i smiled and said

“i used to”

maybe it isn’t so strange,

after all we are just

strangers with memories




By the lake

it was a perfect release,

and as the stone skipped

across the moonlight surface of the lake

i thought it would never stop

ten, eleven, twelve

but on the thirteenth, it disappeared

beneath the dark surface

where it sank to the bottom


reminds me of you doesn’t it

how i thought our love

would go on and on

but i guess

a heart filled with so much love

would be pretty heavy


maybe that’s why

it sank



By the lake

in the absence of love

Dark emotions swirl around me

clouding my vision

drowning me in pain

I try to scream

but I choke on my own spit

I take a huge gulp of water

but as it flows down my throat

it burns like battery acid

and my whole world goes out of focus

I reach out for the knife on the table

and grip it firmly

I grip it so hard my knuckles turn white

Tears stream down my cheeks as i convulsed

it hurts

the pain is inside me



and so I plunge the knife

into the depths of my heart

where it hurts the most

to make it stop pumping out


I was told ice melts at temperatures above zero degrees

the last time i checked

my body temperature was 37.0 degrees

so tell me how is possible

that my heart

is ice-cold

in the absence of love

passion that flickers and fades

Passion that flickers and fades

as I stared into those pupils of yours

i wandered past the stars

the moon

the sun

and arrived at your soul

That eternal flame that burns so bright

the gushing river of passion

that will never stop flowing

when my hand grazed your skin

Electricity surged through me

and I felt more alive

than I’ve ever been

under the glow of the moonlight

your porcelain skin catches the rays

and i whispered

“lets stay like this forever”

But a hurricane tore past us

and when the dust settled

i realized

you looked away

i realized

our skin no longer met

and the flame that I once thought

would burn for eternity

was extinguished

all that’s left

a slight shimmer in the air

wisps of smoke

that smelled like despair

and ashes

black as death

a second gust of wind took all that away

and as i stood alone

under a full moon

i wonder

if that passion really existed

or was it just a figment

of my imagination

passion that flickers and fades

i found it where i didnt expect to find it

pitter patter

the rain a musician

the roof an instrument

all those puddles on the ground

avoided by everyone

rooted to the same spot

until the heat from the sun

claims them

such a pathetic existence

and so i freed them

by stepping on every puddle

i could find

why are they staring at me

those strangers under their umbrellas

come and join me

i beckoned

but they walked away shaking their heads

guess they didn’t realize

they were just one step away

from happiness

i found it where i didnt expect to find it